Mary’s Story : A Merciful Transformation

Imagine yourself a 37 year old Kenyan woman. Your husband is deceased and you were left penniless because his family is upset that you produced three daughters instead of sons. You thought you had lucked out when a newly wed couple hired you to help them, and allowed you and your daughters to live with. But after a short time, the husband passed away, and the wife could no longer afford to keep you employed and housed. You move your three precious daughters to the slums because it is the only place left to go. Day by day you can feel yourself getting weaker from HIV, but your weakest moment is when you discover that your youngest daughter was taken advantage of and is now pregnant. Where is your hope? You desperately want to cry out for God but you feel even too weak to do that. Will He rescue you?

That is where Mary was at when I met her in 2006. She and her daughters had been recommended to Great Mercy through a friend of mine. Through the Lord’s faithful provision, we were able to open the doors of Great Mercy to Mary and her daughters. Seven years later, I am incredibly grateful for what the Lord has done in this woman’s life and what He has taught me through a friendship with her. At her lowest point, the world said that Mary was useless. But God has shown me through her that good can come from anyone. I have seen the limitless power of God at work in Mary’s life. Today, Mary is a changed woman. She feels healthier and stronger than she has ever felt in her life. Her daughters have all received an education and her grandson is now a student at Great Mercy.


Mary working in the shop in front of Great Mercy.

I am encouraged by her relationship with God. Though she is very busy with running the shop and repairing clothes for the children, she takes every chance she can get to spend time in the word and in prayer. She loves serving the church and helping Great Mercy any way that she can. This women who was once headed for death has now been given new life through Christ. She is proof that with God, you can rise above any circumstance and live again!

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