We bought a farm!

Years ago, some one was kind enough to donate two cows to Great Mercy home so that our children could have milk. Little did that person know that God would use those two cows to help us dream bigger. When the cows reproduced, we realized that we did not enough room for them and so we thought about purchasing some more land. We realized that if we purchased a farm, it could do so much more than solve our current problem. Owning and running a farm will allow Great Mercy to become sustainable. Not only would the food grown on the farm be used to feed the children of Great Mercy, but any extra food would be sold to pay teacher salaries. Also, running a farm would allow older boys and girls the chance to learn a new life skill, producing food, so that they can one day pursue farming a career, if that is their choice. As our cows continue to multiple, it is also our hope that, upon graduation, the children who desire to pursue farming can be given a cow to start a new life.


Will you join us on this journey? We are always looking to expand and accommodate the needs of our children and we never want to turn away a child because of a lack of space. Please join in prayer and consider contributing to this ministry. God Bless!

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