Thoughts on the upcoming elections

Jesus would fight for those who are weak, the helpless, because they may not be loud enough to be heard by everyone. Why is it for such that he identifies with those?

The upcoming elections on March 4th give everyone a chance to search their hearts their lives, their motives, their choices. No one will win this election because they are powerful, wealthy or capable or popular. God will give someone a chance by choosing one of the candidates. All the presidential candidates are asking for votes but only one of them will be given a chance by God. None of them is too evil because it is for such that Jesus came. Should you be too emotional, God is giving you a chance to grow up. If anyone of you wishes revenge, you don’t have to do it because God says revenge belongs to Him. Kenyans need a leader who will move them to another level, either from the minority or majority tribes.

The next generation of leaders are not tribal, they are Kenyans who are proud of their country. Everyone grows up in leadership. You may want things to happen very fast for you but while leading others, you learn to wait. You might be evil hearted, but leadership can transform you. You may be too slow, but while leading you rise up. In your past, you were condemned but your future is bright. Leadership is a process that grows our hearts to become better or worse.

We will still remain Kenyans even after one of the candidates has won. They will need our support to make our country governable. Do the best you can where you are and lets build Kenya– by helping one another.

One thought on “Thoughts on the upcoming elections

  1. I was reminded of this word today…that Every life is worthy of greatness.I have a responsibility to care for an orphan who has lost parents to have a future by providing a safe environment to education.With Education,it doesn’t matter where you have come from but it matters where you are going.
    The opportunity to lead G.M.D.C has made me look at leadership differently and hopefully i will raise leaders whom i will be happy to hand over my position and they may do better than me by far.
    The opportunity to lead has enabled me see the leadership potential in others and am creating an environment for everyone to lead where they are.My children don’t know how to speak their mother tongue.When we had sensors they said it should be recorded that they are Kenyans.They have learnt that tribe brings tribalism and yet they hold a believe that non of their brothers and sisters should be judged according to their tribe.
    As a Kenyans,we should remember to turn our perceived enemies into friends so that we all look great and value each other.Jesus leadership was the best because he valued his disciples some who were illiterate, the tax collectors who knew they had taken even what never belonged to them,,Judas who betrayed him,Peter who denied him and others and that was valuing life.While we live in this world,we should raise leaders who will not fight and kill each other but those who will believe every life is worthy of greatness.
    Let us remain optimistic in difficult times because hope does not disappoint and out of our struggles will come victory.Let us raise leaders as we go through the process of elections in Kenya..Our children are learning by seeing us which is why presenting role models through what we do will be appreciated.We should be leaders to be admired in the future generations We should write a good history which will make them value life and create a better future for themselves and those to come after them. Education is not what they are learn in school but what we do while they are watching.It is not about our rights,it is about our values. John Maxwell says people do what people see.

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