One thought on “Joy

  1. Am Called Joy Maleya.Am in class 6.Am very happy to be told to tell the story of my life because i know if you read this letter,i know you care and love me.Twas born on 13th September 2000.I was being taken care of by both parents but when my sister was born,only my mother could provide for us everything.My father said he was going to Nairobi to look for a job so that he could provide for us.We waited and waited and he could not send a single shilling.From there,we were taken by my mother’s sister and that is how we came here in Great Mercy.
    He even did not care for us,my real father of the same blood.He was a drunkard man.All he was paid he would just drink and abandoned us.My mother was just convinced to go the children office.When she went there ,she was told to wait and when they call her ,she should go.
    On the day of the case we and my sister were told to stay outside.My mother and my father were talked to by the children officer .My father promised that he will be sending some money to the children office and we will be going to take the money every month.When all was over,every one went to their home.A week later,we heard that my father had left his job because he did not want to send money to us.We have been living in Great Mercy Home since 2005.I have just experienced many things.I have listened to other children stories,many are orphans,some are abandoned,i have learned so many things that i did not know.I thank God because he had a purpose of why am here.May God bless the work of mummy and daddy’s hands.Yours faithfully,Joy.

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