Mary Wangoi

My name is Mary Wangoi.I am a member of class 8. When i came to Great Mercy,i was in class 5 and i have lived in Great mercy for about 4 years.When i came to Great Mercy i found that there are few classes.Now Greatmercy Orphanage has become big and with many pupils.I am happy because am in Great Mercy today.Great mercy has really helped me.
Some of us have never gone to Kisumu but we went for a trip to Kisumu.We enjoyed our visit to Kisumu.We were very excited that day.Sometimes our exercise books are filled up,we are usually given more from the library.Our library has helped us because we usually read books and we are able to write Insha and compositions.
I have now grown spiritually.I did not know how to pray but now i have known how to pray.Am very happy because now i know God and how to pray.I have even improved in my academic part.
I am also happy because i have friends from united kingdom.I did not know if i could have a friend from united kingdom but through Great Mercy and God has really helped me.I just want to thank the founders and board of directors for supporting Great Mercy home.May God bless you.

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