Great Mercy Development Centre                    

                                                      P.O. Box 1665-30200






Some one has written that strategic thinking can change one’s life,simplify difficulties and prepare one for uncertain tomorrow.Without chosing our place of birth,we found ourselves in families with little love,mistreatment,cained,childlabour,denied chance to go to school and were are not certain of the future.

Our tomorrow is so uncertain and more especially when parents neglect their children,when parents die,poverty strikes or get bedridden due to terminal illness.Who takes care of the rights of such  children?

Parents provide a home,food,clothes,water and ensure children are in  good health.As a foster parent with many children under my care,I realize it is not easy to meet all their needs and critiques often say to me that i have not taken good care of children.

Children are always being abandoned in the streets,hospitals,hidden in homes when they are disabled.

Recently, a disabled girl in our care said a simple poem

‘Mother Mother,take me to school,where I will play with others,don’t hide me in the house……’

Am among strategic thinkers who try to interven and advocate for children and I wish to confess that it is not easy to be a voice for the voiceless but it is possible.

One of the boys called Luke 13years old behaves badly.Initially I thought helping children who have been mistreated will make them better.Luke steals,fights others,he opens running taps and does not close,he throws away dirty clothes instead of washing,he doesn’t do his class assignments and he is not even interested in staying in school.

Luke’s mother abandoned him and he has never seen her again.He doesn’t know what it means to live under authority and this puts him under special needs.

He needs to be treated well so that he can become a useful member of the society.

Thanks to some of our volunteers who come to show  love,care and I delight in them for their Great Work..

I acknowledge the work of gracethat God has made out of my family overtime as we wait for eternity!We have taken great risks through innovation and creativity to take care of 186 children.We are learning how to love through experiences.We are following our hearts daily to do the work of kindness and mercy as our earthly assignment. I oversee, a home,school,church,teach,preach,facilitate voluntary service,host volunteers,farm,and we have learned all these from doing it.All our strategies are working just because of Jesus.Thank you God for allowing us to think outside the box.

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