It happened in Feb.  2001 that every day children came out at our door steps and our neighbors began asking the name of the organized work we were involved with and we had no name so we could not answer them. We began to think of what we were up to and whether we were ready to do anything organized like we were being seen by people around us. My Husband Evans said we are extending mercy to the community around us. I thought we are doing it sacrificially which is a great ministry. Finally we called it Great Mercy based on what we thought we extended mercy in a great way. Part of the reason why I could easily serve a child was I had been inspired through a school lesson to teach for life change I needed to do my school assignment of serving as Jesus served and many lives were changed. With many memories of my childhood hopelessness there was so much going on in my heart as I met children daily at my door steps.. We read Mathew 25:40-43 which encouraged us because we provided a cup of porridge to the needy children and we offered free education to some children who were not going to school and Sunday school service for those who were not going to any church. Some adults began asking to join our church which was at our door steps and we welcomed them too.

 It was not easy because there are times the enemy would whisper to us to give up. But we saw children who matter to God, if nobody else cared we had a reason to care and show the love of Christ and that is what we have been doing for the last 12 years..

Yesterday I read through an article which my eldest daughter wrote while in primary school. She is currently in Kabarak University finishing her First degree in business management and information technology. She wrote a in 2001 while Great Mercy was beginning, a composition about My Mother. I will quote the part that i liked about what was going on in her mind as she saw me go to school every morning and stopped after I had given birth to My last son Victor. While at home, I had enough time nurse my son, to think about my assignments and interact with my community. I t is at this time that my daughter would wonder why I do many things and  I love her observation.

“My Mother is called Judith Mutange .She learns in town, in a college called I.C.M. She goes there every day but these days she has closed. In their college they are fed very well. Sometimes they are being given chapati and ndegu for lunch only. But sometimes I wonder why old women go to school .My mother is a very kind mother to all. Even when you want what, she will just give you. Sometimes we wonder what we will eat for today but God provides. My mother is a friend to all even she likes the children in our village that we are staying; she loves the children…..”

One thing I know is mothers always reach levels where no one thinks they should study. I needed to deliver myself from such attitudes and so I could tell myself without the use of my mind, no one would mind me! Part of my worth today is tied to the use of my mind. The times we live in needs thinkers. The much I gain is determined by my thoughts. I have learned I can be a pace setter, a guiding light to those in distress and an impact maker by the Grace of God. I decided to go to school against all odds which is why a vision must be put to action and purpose plus pursuit results in achievement. Reading and learning has inspired me to know I was created to be a star!


 In most Kenyan public schools learning stopped and now we are serving not only our children but the other community children who would have otherwise missed out school for the past three weeks since the teachers strike began, We stepped out in faith 12 years ago to serve a child and now we are standing out as community advocates for a child.

Great Mercy has been blessed beyond my wildest imagination. It is now sinking in my consciousness that am doing what God created me to full fill as my earthly assignment. Deep down in my heart, I know my childhood suffering seems insignificant in comparison to some mental and emotional suffering children in our care have endured.

God knows us intimately, he knows our life storms, our struggles, our weakness and all we have suffered, and love us beyond measure. For now his divine intervention for children in our care is through provision of shelter, the home school and church which provides spiritual nourishment.

Some people view our engagement in helping children in need as fake helpers which sometimes can be so discouraging. Other times seems so real especially when children we have worked with and helped   for more than five years run away and we can’t find them anywhere as soon as we want to. When staff we have trusted and worked with for more than 9 years resign and leave work, when people watch me as I account for every penny donated without thinking of myself with doubts if I have accounted for everything, when people I think can be sponsors make demands I cannot meet and they walk away and think I will close down tomorrow. Some days of uncertainties like there is no food in the stores, no stationeries’, and no staff allowance and not sure when God we release it and through who?

My eyes have been opened to people’s suffering in form of misfortunes, calamities, defeat, horrific realities, lack and frustrations due to invisible forces that they are not aware of.

God gives a stern warning Proverbs 22:22-23

Do not exploit the poor because they are poor

And do not crush the needy in court

For the lord will take up their case

And plunder those who plunder them.

I can only say the secrets of God are superior to the secrets of man and believing in God is bringing success and impact through Great Mercy in my community. Heavenly information produces earthly transformation and someone has said “At the roof of every revolution is a revelation and the basis for every transformation is information.”

My husband had an encounter one Sunday morning when he had taken our first two daughters to Sunday school. He realized he was shading tears and a voice was telling him he had been called to serve as Joseph served .I found the information in his notebook two years after the encounter and he never said it to anyone. I may not understand everything that God is up to but am keen to obey God’s voice. Though my husband still works for the Government, I know I have been privileged to serve with him at Great mercy and noticed he has a special anointing from God which has allows him to take loans including his all salary to cater for the needy children.

At the end of everything, we see Great Mercy highlighting the triumph of faith in God and not in human strength, intellect and strategy.

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