July 2013 News Letter



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Great Mercy Newsletter                                    July 2013

Many exciting things are happening at Great Mercy. The World Race team that has been here for the month of July has stayed busy with the kids who live and go to school at Great Mercy. The team of 8 people has done a variety of things including one on one’s with children, teaching, education on health and drinking water, construction, and work on the website with a PayPal account set. Each person has been able to use their skills to help Great Mercy with some of their many needs.

The team has really enjoyed going on daily runs here, they are always excited to join us and they are extremely fast! One thing that has been noticed is that many of them run in flip flops or with bare feet. Others wear shoes that are too big or too small. The team saw the need for these kids to have new shoes so they prayed and fundraised   to meet that need. At the end 83 children were fitted with brand new shoes!

Another aspect of keeping Great Mercy going is the farm that the kids work at that is growing food for them to eat and raising animals to support the many costs that accrue from running a place that helps so many children. Becoming more self-sustainable is a way to keep Great Mercy running. One way that the World Race team thought could help this happen is to purchase a couple of goats for the farm. Their goal was to have these two goats multiply and eventually be used to feed the kids meat and also to sell and use the money to aid in the daily costs of keeping Great Mercy running.

The team also enjoyed a movie night with the children and they held a dance party for the last weekend they were here. The children were such a huge blessing to each of the World Racers that have been a part of Great Mercy this month and the impact that they have left on their lives will not be forgotten.

“I really love being here, I feel at home and welcome.” Jah-Jah Jackson

“The kids here are so precious, I can tell that they love Jesus by the way they love one another.” Kelli Verhoeven

“You learn about child-like faith, and the hugs get you every time!” Marianne Cayce

“In the arms of orphans is where you learn about God’s love.” Lauren Blauvelt

Great Mercy is making a difference. They are meeting real needs. And they are bringing the Gospel in word and deed to a part of the world that needs it desperately.” Seth Rehmert

“I LOVE GREAT MERCY!!!” Emily Molloy

“Great Mercy kids are the best!” Chelsey Keel

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