Marion and Emmanuel

I live with Marion who is on the wheel chair has sickle anemia,part of her body is paralyzed and disabled. she has to be done for everything including being fed,dressed,and even pushed from one point to another but my son Emmanuel can move around by himself,works hard in school,self driven but the sleeping disorder makes him look disabled.Marion Joined Great Mercy high school in2011 because she requested.We don’t have a facility that can meet her needs but we still admitted her.She is alert never sleeps but the stroke that made her paralyzed makes her disabled.
I love their determination,Marion wants to be a bank manager and my son wants to be an aeronautical engineer.
I have learned to slow down,listen to them and help where possible.Even when i travel out,i always look back to know if they are well.
Other children in the home school have proved very loving as they provide support where possible.Marion and Emmanuel are in form three and they look forward to next year when they will seat for their final high school exams.
Am so Grateful to God for giving us an opportunity to provide care for this category of children.
I have been so inspired never to take anything about my abilities for granted especially when i see Marion comforting others and saying her aspiration.Every time we offer a service to Marion she will never miss to appreciate.This indeed a Great lifetime experience and i say thank you God for creating me to add value to others.

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