An American couple loved a street boy George called George whom they felt if they helped join a school it will add value and he will a useful citizen.George was was excited when they suggested to him about going to school.That is how George got a chance to learn at Great Mercy Education Center until a week ago when he disappeared.
Joseph and Mary not their real names provided all the needs George had,bought him uniform,good bedding’s and everything he asked for.George has no inhibitions,he can ask for anything and he will have his way when he means to.I always saw a man who can make great impact especially when his abilities can be well used.He is out going bold,intelligent and very active.
John and Mary are a very generous couple who not only helped George but other children like currently they provide all the beans,maize floor and maize the boys home needs which has eased our burden for caring for boys.
One of the days recently,John decided to show a video on a science lesson as Mary gave a psychology talk to home school staff.
When the video lesson got finished.George volunteered to take back the video to John’s car and because John was not suspicious of anything,he gave out the Keys.
George returned the video to the car and decided to steal a camera,two cellphones and a purse which according to John had less than ksh10000.He then gave a young boy the car keys for John then he ran away.It is now two weeks since this happened which was a great surprise.
This loving couple were so shocked at what George had done even our children who had seen all that had been done to George got a big surprise.It is hard to know the real needs of a destitute child.Is it education,a home or just things….

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