First Step 2015

Development Through Education

P1050746To my dear friends whose wisdom and unconditional love has pulled me through the rough roads of my life,rescued me from my vulnerability,i deeply value your relationship and feel so blessed and cherish you for it is the reason why Great Mercy was initiated. Your  contributions to  my life has impacted many children’s lives.Am in the UK for one month with my daughter Lynn Mercy Mutange courtesy of the British council connecting classrooms exchange program and all the volunteers who have visited and served at Great Mercy Children Home have housed us  and provided for us. ( .Being my third visit, my eyes have opened up to some realities that i would have not achieved much except by those who dared believe that something inside of me was superior than my circumstances and gave me education.THANK YOU!


Great Mercy home school provides a supportive environment for children with special needs to access education.Inadequate schools for children with special needs is one of the hindrances to accessing education in Trans Nzoia county according to situational analysis done by Trans Nzoia children service network may 2013.The analysis states there were 14 nursery schools supported by the municipal council in 2013 for a population 800000 residents in the municipality.Inspired by well wishers who helped bring the best out of me and enabled my whole family to  think differently,we have taken risks deified all the odds and provided  basic education to more than 2500 children since 2001.
Great Mercy also participates in tracking issues affecting children ranging from  high rates of school drop outs,domestic violence child abuse child abandonment, child labor ,children driven to streets due to poverty and harmful cultural and practices.

For me,every problem i have faced  has been a process to build my character.Good can come out of the worst evil. We should always refuse to give up and turn our problems to  be  character building opportunities.The problems i faced as a child shaped my destiny and i began believing that all things are impossible.May my life give Great Mercy children and all who read exceptional capacity to care and strengthen those with special needs around us.

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