About Great Mercy

Great Mercy Development Centre is an organisation that envisions touching the lives of children in the community to enhance self reliance of all vulnerable and disadvantaged children through providing quality education and a safe place for the children to call home. The organisation is a non-profit, interdenominational, inter-tribal and non political organisation that provides shelter, education, food, medication and lifelong skills to vulnerable children.


“To nurture all round, competent and transformed children that make a difference in the community.”


“Raising up morally upright children with updated and relevant practical knowledge through love, quality education services and spiritual nourishment.” 


The idea to start Great Mercy Development Centre was conceived in February 2001. The idea was born from a college assignment by Mrs. Judith Mutange, who was out to do a needs assessment in Kitale. The assignment was to identify the needs and think out solutions to those needs. Seeing the rampant un-attended to street children made Judith to go deeper in her thinking. Her mother’s childhood inspiration to see children in school motivated her to start doing something immediately. She shared with her husband and together they started attending to the children in their small way. The couple decided to meet the educational needs of the children first. They started by inviting the children to their home and provided basic education starting with 4 boys and 3 girls only.

Judith played with the children, did guiding and counselling and even went on to talk to parents. Her desire was to restore parent -children relationships through providing an education and a home for the street kids and to eventually see them go back home. She did not intent to start a school or a children’s’ home, however the demand and the situation of their parents forced her to extend her compassion by starting a day care / education centre. What started small at the house of Judith and Evans has grown to become a centre of hope. The school currently has 2 early childhood classes, 8 primary classes and 4 high school classes.   Since 2001 they have seen nearly 2500 vulnerable children go through their door to become better citizens. Currently the centre houses more than 150 needy, vulnerable and disadvantaged children providing education, food, clothing, medication and a home.


We welcome you to come and visit to help enrich the children’s lives! We are looking for: Travelling Volunteers, Students looking for life changing experiences, Teachers looking to teach enthusiastic children in a new setting, anyone with a skill to teach the children, help with improvements to the building, etc. Almost everyone will have something to offer us even if its just sitting and talking ,praying,singing or laughing with the children! Contact us if you are interested!

We are registered as a charity In Kenya (Great Mercy Development Center) that is not for profit, the school attached to the orphanage is also registered with the Kenyan government as Great Mercy Education Center.

Charity no.0p.218/051/2010/0208/6483.

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