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  1. Trans-Nzoia as the granary of Kenya yet more than 75% of the population live on hand to mouth besides 80% of the land being owned by 20% of the population. A large proportion of the population have been squatters for years on large tracks of agricultural land, some of which is government land like the ADC, and their livelihoods continue to worsen each day as even they go hungry despite being casual laborers on these farms for the even meager pay they are entitled to delays for so long leading to many children dropping out of school. The county is cosmopolitan a situation that is fertile for raising nationalists and patriots ostracized from the cocoons of retrogressive cultural practices and negative ethnicity. In other other words the county is one that can qualify to be referred to as Kenya in miniature.considering the issue of graduate unemployability; a condition that is threatening to retrogress development and relegate a given economy to mere invention of the wheel! This involves graduates of different specialties from different training institutions being deficient in basic work life skills commensurate to today’s workplace like; creativity, innovation, voluntary service, service to the community

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