Meet Judith – “Mama Mercy”

Hello, My name is Judith Mutange and I am the founder of Great Mercy Ministry. I have a wonderful husband and four beautiful children. Two of my children currently attend Great Mercy school. Through out my childhood, my mother stressed the importance of education, but we struggled to pay my school fees. I credit my completion of high school to dedicated teachers and a wonderful British couple who helped pay off my school debt.

Upon completely high school, I, myself, started working in a high school. After eight years, I resigned and decided to follow a calling to study theology. Many people were against my decision, but I knew this is what the Lord wanted me to do. Once again, I was unable to pay the school fees, but the principal insisted I attend because I was one of only two women to be accepted into the twenty-five person class.

One class assignment challenged me to take a look at the needs of my community, so I began taking daily walks around my home. Everywhere I looked, I saw children who were not in school because they were unable to afford it. My heart broke for these children because I knew first-hand what they were going through. I began inviting them over for tea, hoping to encourage them and teach them the importance of education. From there, I began assessing where each child was at in their education and formed syllabuses for each of them.

And so Great Mercy school began. And when the same children began showing up to my house on Sundays, Great Mercy Church was formed. What started with seven children has now grown to 151 children. It was never my intention to start a ministry, but the Lord had bigger plans. He continues to grow Great Mercy, giving us opportunities to expand. We are currently in the process of buying a farm, in which we hope to teach some of our older students farming skills and provide them with a future. We are also hoping to expand our church, so that our entire community will know the love of Christ. Please join us in person or in prayer for the future of Great Mercy Ministry.

God Bless,

Judith Mutange

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