Meet Our Staff

Judith & Evans 2

Judith & Evans Mutange (Founding Directors) 2001
Founding directors for Great Mercy. Ordained ministers who also pastor the church on the property.

“It has been humbling to see the program grow. I have seen big changes in the small things. It has been incredible to see Great Mercy grow from nothing to something. It is all about the work of God, and that’s the only way it has grown. Without God, I would have given up, but God’s resources cannot be depleted. God will never stop His work.”

“I have enjoyed volunteering to teach children when I am not at work. I teach them math and chemistry. I will continue to teach until we have sufficient staff. It gives me joy seeing children becoming better through knowledge. We have very supportive staff, which has been an encouragement. Our staff understands what it means to volunteer. Because of that, they go above and beyond their call of duty. They understand the call on this place. We are glad to be part of helping abandoned, abused, less fortunate and vulnerable children. We find it a joy to help them become better people. It is a joy to serve children and to build them spiritually through our church. Our children fear God and can quote scripture. We have enjoyed watching the grace of God progress our program despite facing many challenges. My role has been a supportive role for my wife who has done so much for this program. I thank God that He uses my wife and has blessed me so that I can give back. I would like to thank our well wishers and friends who have supported us without strings attached. They have seen it as a call of the Lord on their lives. We have been supported joyfully and have friends who can stand with us. We want to emphasize that this is God’s work, we just try to make ourselves available.”-Evans


Robert Machio (Head Master/Teacher) Aug. 2011
Supervises teachers & Coordinates between Great Mercy and the Ministry of Education Office
History (Form 3), Social Studies (Class 4, 7, 8), Creative Arts (Class 4, 7, 8)

“It has been good working here because I have gained experience through Great Mercy. I have learned to deal with vulnerable children and to communicate with teachers.”


Ruth Noel (Management) May 2005
Oversees overall financial reports and monitors the workers and activities at Great Mercy

“It has been so good for me to work at Great Mercy; it changed my life. I was low and it helped to make me stable. I have faced challenges with people coming and going, but it has made me stronger. It’s great work. My 2 daughters came here with me when they were still babies, and now they are being helped and able to go to school.”


Mary Nabutilu (Shop Keeper, Tailor, Church Staff) May 2005
Runs the Great Mercy shop, repairs the children’s clothing, does various jobs within the church.

“I very much enjoy my jobs that I have at Great Mercy. It is a blessing to work here.”


Moses Lyambila (Teacher) Jan. 2010
Math (Form 1 & Class 7), Christian Religious Education (Class 5, Class 7, Form 3), Business (Form 1&3)

“It is good to work at Great Mercy. I enjoy playing with and teaching children.”


Nancy Musimbi (Welfare Manager & Pre-Primary Teacher) March 2010
In charge of welfare for the property including meals for staff and students. Also teaches in the pre-primary class.

“I have grown spiritually at Great Mercy. I have improved in my profession as well as interacting with others.”


Abraham Wambia (Teacher) Apr. 2011
Christian Religious Studies (Class 8), English (Class 4 & 7), Physical Education (Class 7), Life Skills (Class 7), Agriculture (Form 1)

“I enjoy the work environment and the fact that they advocate for spiritual activities. My employers (the directors) are very good people and very cooperative.”


Mildred Chepkwemoi (Teacher) May 2011
English (Class 2 & 6), Kiswahili (Class 2), Math (Class 6), Physical Education (Class 4)

“I enjoy teaching vulnerable children. I could have taught anywhere else, but I love to serve them and to make a difference in their lives. I also enjoy the opportunity to meet visitors outside of Kenya.”


Edith Wamukota (Teacher) July 2011
Kiswahili (Upper Primary & Form 2), Christian Religious Studies (Upper Primary)

“I enjoy playing with the children, teaching them, and fellowshipping with everyone at Great Mercy.”


Mildred Wambia (Teacher) Nov. 2011
Biology (Form 2), English (Form 1 & 3), Home Science (Form 1,2 & 3)

“I like playing with the children and I love the fellowship. I like that they emphasize spiritual matters.”


Job Makhanu (Teacher/Electrician) Feb. 2012
Math (Form 1, 2 & 3), Physics (Form 1, 2 & 3)

“I have learned to trust in God through Great Mercy. God is everything, and He will provide.”


Celyne Sitati (Teacher) Feb. 2012
Science (Class 7 & 8), English (Class 5), Life Skills (Class 5), Physical Education (Class 5), Geography (Form 2 & 3)

“I enjoy interacting with students and the opportunity to meet visitors from outside the country. I enjoy playing with pupils because I am a games master. I also enjoy the fellowship here at Great Mercy. Teaching here has really increased my knowledge.”


Arnoda Makokha (Teacher) Aug. 2012

English (Class 8 & Form 2), Social Studies (Class 6)

“It has been a pleasure working at Great Mercy. I have met different people of different situations and it has been a blessing. Great Mercy has also helped me to know God.”


Titus Munyanga (Teacher) Jan. 2013
Kiswahili (Class 6), Christian Religious Studies (Class 6), History (Form 2), Business (Form 2), Science (Class 4), Math (Class 4)

“I enjoy working here and engaging with the children.”


Lydia Salim (Teacher) Jan. 2013
Teaches at the Pre-Primary level.

“I enjoy this school a lot. I enjoy playing with the children and the company of the teachers.”


Catherine Lutome (Teacher) Jan. 2013
Teaches all classes at the Class 1 level.

“I enjoy singing and playing with the children. I enjoy leading entertainments and fellowshipping. I make sure that the learning environment is clean.”

Mispahm Mukhwami (Teacher) May 2013

Teaches at the Pre-Primary level.

“I enjoy singing with and teaching the children.”


Rose Sifuma (Teacher) May 2013
Science (Class 6), Christian Religious Studies (Form 1 & 2), History (Form 1 &2), Kiswahili (Form 1)

“The environment here is good. The teachers are cooperative and work together.”


Clara O’Walukan (Teacher) May 2013
Creative Arts (Primary Level), Chemistry (Form 1), Physics (Form 1), Biology (Form 1), Geography (Form 1)

“Teaching here is a good experience. You get to learn to survive in different circumstances. It gives us an opportunity to interact with people from other countries.”

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