Our Needs

Here at Great Mercy we are blessed to have many mouths to feed and children to educate. We also have dreams to expand and create new and better environments for our staff and children. We openly welcome the public to help with any needs that they are able to meet. Here are some things we need at our home:

Computers and Printers
Permanent rooms
Food: Sugar, Maize, Rice, Tea Leaves, beans, vegetables
Funds for electricity
Textbooks, exercise books
Pens, sets
Cupboards, drawers, shelves
Sandals, shoes, uniforms
Body oil
Shoe polish
Repair of toilets
High school laboratory equipment
Staff training and encouragement seminars

Funds for:
Staff allowance- Staff are hired as volunteers and we would like to pay them a fair salary.
Expanding the farm
Building a bigger church so we can expand our congregation
Building a laboratory for our high school science classes

Thank you to those who have helped to meet our needs so far. God is faithful and has used you to bless our program! If you have things you are able to donate, please contact Judith Mutange at gmcmorg@gmail.com or at great_mercy_kitale@yahoo.co.uk

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