Student Testimonies


Dominick Okoth- 16 years old
Dream: Medicine and Engineering
Testimony: Dominick’s parent’s passed away when he was 1.5 years old. He lived with his grandparents until the year 2000. Dominick then went to live with relatives who abandoned the home and left him at the age of 12. He lived on the streets surviving on what he could for a while and then lived at a rescue center for a few months. He was eventually brought to Great Mercy in 2010 and has lived here full time ever since.

“I really enjoy living here because it is much better than the life I was living. Life here is easy. I have never left because I like to live here. I have never regretted living in this place. This school will help me to reach my goals”


Caleb Baraka- 9 years old
Dream: Farmer
Testimony: Caleb was 1.5 years old when he came to Great Mercy. He was abandoned in the street by his mother. He came to the center very malnourished with many health problems and on the brink of death. He was unable to speak and was very weak. He now is healthy and learning well. A rescue center came and picked him up off the streets and then called Great Mercy to take him in. He has known no other home.

“Great Mercy has helped me to speak English. They have helped me to read. Mommy and Daddy take care of me. They give me clothes to wear.”


George Kibwaze- 10 years old
Dream: Helicopter Engineer
Testimony:George has lived at Great Mercy for 6 years. His family was affected by post-election violence in 2007, and he recalls seeing his mother shot in front of him. His home was burned down by the neighbors, and police took him to the children’s office where he lived for 1 month and was then picked up by Judith and brought to Great Mercy.

“I like reading and playing. Mommy and Daddy feed me, pay for my school fees, buy me clothes and shoes. Going to school here will help me reach my goals. My favorite subject is English. I am happy that I came to Great Mercy.”


Ann Elizabeth- 13 years old
Dream: Help fellow orphans
Testimony: Ann Elizabeth has been living at Great Mercy for 6 years. Her family was affected by the 2007 post-election violence where her mother was shot and killed. Her father died soon after, and she and her siblings had no where to live. Their house was burned down by the neighbors and she was taken into custody by the police station. She stayed there for 1 month before coming to Great Mercy with her brother, George.

“I came into Great Mercy and started in nursery until now. They give me food, shelter, food, and take great care of me. Living at Great Mercy will help me reach my goal by helping me understand things and correcting my mistakes. Mommy and Daddy are very good people.”


Elizabeth Nalayo- 23 years old-Now attends Kobjoi College
Dream: Psychologist
Testimony: Elizabeth came to Great Mercy in 2002. She never knew how to read and write, and no one in her family ever went to school because they were separated at a young age. Her aunt brought her to Great Mercy where she started learning in Class 3 at 12 years old. After studying for 3 years she moved onto secondary.She was home schooled by Evans (Daddy) and she is thankful that God allowed her to pass her exam. She is currently going to college, and is studying Social Work and Community Development there now. She looks forward to finish this year if she can get school fees.

“I am thankful to God and to Mommy and Daddy for doing great things for me and other children. I am hoping to become a Psychologist in the future. Great Mercy has helped me to develop my trust in God. I have grown spiritually, mentally, etc. and I am the way I am today because of them. I am at Great Mercy working part-time because I love children and want to encourage them that they can succeed even without their parents around them.”


Ann Nelima- 14 years old

Dream: Lawyer
Testimony: Ann has lived at Great Mercy for 3 years. Her father passed away and her mother could not afford to pay her school fees. No relatives were able to take her in. With little options, her mother brought her and her sister to Great Mercy, where she has been given the chance to study ever since.

“When I came here I did not know God, but now I do. I wasn’t able to read, but now I can read and write. They have bought me the things that I need and have guided me. I will continue working hard and improving grades at school to achieve my goals.”


Jane Atabo- 14 years old
Dream: Broadcaster
Testimony: Jane came to Great Mercy in 2010 and has lived here since then. She is 1 of 7 children, and both parents are deceased. She was living with a grandmother who was unable to care for them. She followed a woman to Kitale hoping to get some help. She eventually ended up at the children’s office and then to a rescue center, and eventually ended up at Great Mercy.

“I enjoy my education. I enjoy reading and my favorite subject is Social Studies. I love when Mommy teaches us the Word of God. They teach us to live well with other children and to forget about our problems. Great Mercy is a good school because when you have a problem they can give you advice and guide and counsel you. At other schools there is no one to guide you.”


Henry Nyongesa- 19 years old
Dream: Agriculture Officer
Testimony: Henry came to Great Mercy in 2010. He is the 3rd child of 6. His father died in 2001, leaving his family with little money to pay for school fees. He has increased in both faith and knowledge since being at Great Mercy.

“Great Mercy has helped me with my education and have also helped me to relate with other people and how to respect one another. They have helped me with my computer skills. Mommy (Judith) and Daddy (Evans) have helped me to get clothes and books. The teachers help me when I tell them my problems. When I have more money I want to help Great Mercy.”


Silas Barasa- 15 years old
Dream: Football Player
Testimony: Silas was abandoned by his parents when he was very young. He was taken in by a couple that lives in the community near Great Mercy. Judith invited him to come study at Great Mercy and he took her up on the offer. He has been studying at Great Mercy for the past 5 years.

“I enjoy learning in the class because I can learn for free. I enjoy studying Kiswahili. I enjoy the way that the teachers teach me because they help me to understand. I enjoy that Mommy and Daddy have supported me through my schooling.”


Amos Biwott- 10 years old
Dream: Doctor
Testimony: Amos was left at the hospital by his parents at the age of six when it was discovered that he was HIV+. He was taken in by a sponsor who brought him to Great Mercy to learn. He has lived and studied at Great Mercy for the past 2 years with the exception of holidays.

“I enjoy staying with people to play. I enjoy reading and playing at break. I am thankful Mommy and Daddy give us food and clothes. The teachers are teaching us well and we are learning a lot. My favorite subject is English. They will help me become a doctor by helping me to learn and read and assisting me in my subjects.”

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