Child Abandonment occurs when the parents or guardians of a child decide to abandon their responsibilities of parenting and care-taking to the extent that they leave the child alone to take care of him or herself.  An abandoned child is called a foundling rather than an orphan or a runaway.  Many factors can contribute to child abandonment, i.e.; poverty, lack of resources including help, mental illness, political conditions, and selfishness.  There is usually much anxiety and remorse for the parents/guardians associated with child abandonment.  Join us in praying for both the children and their parents/guardians.

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One thought on “Abandoned

  1. Date 21/04/2013

    My name is Valentine Vinaywa a form three student in Great Mercy Education Center. I was born on 7th July 1997 and am 16years old. I came to Great Mercy so that I can learrn and achieve my goals in life.
    I have both parents but they divorced when I was very young about 4-5 years and so I never knew the cause of their separation. When my mother was a way, I stayed with my father and my step mother but life was not easy. I was not taken care of well so I became very sick, that is when my mother came and took me through the children office. Most of the people had rejected me, they thought I was going to die but God was faithful. I was taken to my Grandma’s place where I was taken care of well and I recovered.
    I began learning and when I was in class two that was in 2004 my mother came and took me to Nairobi where she stayed with me .She took me to a school where she was teaching .After some time, I was transferred to another school in class 5 .I was sponsored but my mother never knew and so she used to struggle paying my school fees. When I was in class 8 ,I could not continue learning there because my grandmother was admitted in Kenyatta National Hospital and my siblings also needed help. I was sent home for one month without going to school. That is when I came to Great Mercy in July 2010.
    I learned for the remaining months, then I went back to Nairobi, did my KCPE, tried my best and I was above average. It was not easy after that I had passed through and after the poor foundation i had before coming to Great Mercy. I was not satisfied with the results so I wanted to repeat but I was spoken to and was given encouragement and told just to continue since it was not the end to of everything. And so I thank God first for the far he has brought me and also Great Mercy has been a blessing to my life. It has changed me and also it has reduced the bulk of my mother’s problems she has of paying school fees for my siblings. I thank the founders who have allowed me to be in Great Mercy.
    When I finish my studies, my prayer is God to help me to become a lawyer so that I can defend those who are denied their rights to explore, help the needy and make the world notice me.
    I have learned that we are formed and forged by circumstances of life but I cannot just be a victim tossed here and there with no will. I have a say over what I become. I cannot blame anyone but the fact is that who I am, whom I have always been will determine how my past has shaped me and my future. We still have the choice or will to determine how my past has shaped me. Thank you and God bless you.

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