Disasters / Post Election Violence

Disasters refers to events, naturally occurring or not, that adversely affect a large number of people.  Disasters may include disease outbreaks,  floods, mudslides, droughts, and fires which injure, kill, and displace people from their homes.  Often times when these disasters occur, children suffer the loss of family, creating a need for alternative care such as through Great Mercy.
Post Election Violence refers to violence that arises out of political disputes following elections.  The most recent incident affecting a large number of children in Kenya was the election in December of 2007.  Thousands of people lost their lives or were displaced as a result of this violence, leaving many children without parents or guardians.


==These are hand written testimonies written by the Children when asked to write about their life before and after Great Mercy. They were transcribed for the web and personal information was removed.==

I hope you are fine. Great Mercy it as make me to go very far with flowers. Where I was, the people were killing one another but here is very good. They doesn’t kill one another. They kill my mother there when we were sleeping at the field. They kill my mother but Great Mercy it has make me to know how to read, pray and singing.

Lovely from,



My name is Toto. I came in Great Mercy 2010. You take care of us and my life has changed. I came here because of clashes and Great Mercy has help me in many things. I came here without and clothes, came with one clothes, and thank you for taking care of me. And me I am strong and healthy and I know how to read. Thank you very Much!


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