Volunteer Testimonies

“The diversity of projects available was great for our team! There was flexibility in the schedule and they were very accommodating. Every meal was delicious and the living arrangement was comfortable. Everybody is so friendly!” –Brian Barnett, April 2013

“The accommodations were great, and if there was any problem, they went out of their way to resolve them. We were served wonderful meals and snacks. The staff was very welcoming and very helpful. I enjoyed spending time with the children and getting to know them.” –Anna Glick, April 2013

“It was a relaxed schedule so we were able to work where we felt most comfortable. The variety of work was refreshing (i.e. repairs, Bible studies, quality time with the kids, etc.). We were always well fed and warmly welcomed. The children were a joy to be around. I loved cooking with them, evening prayers, running with them, etc. Our rooms were very cozy. Thank you for the life-changing experience at Great Mercy! You were fabulous hosts!” –Aubrie Quick, April 2013

“From the moment we arrived in Kitale, we felt so welcomed and appreciated. The staff were so kind and helpful. We enjoyed playing with the younger children and getting to know the older ones. The accommodation was very comfortable and became homey over time. I encourage all volunteers to embrace everything you can while at Great Mercy. The children are amazing and just love having new friends.”Rebecca Boulton, June 2012

“Being at Great Mercy was absolutely the best experience. I couldn’t have asked for a better and more life-changing experience. Every single person was loving, friendly, welcoming, and so fun to be with. The kids are so amazing and always brightened my day. Future volunteers should come with an open mind and a loving heart.” –Allison Schneider, April 2010

“I had an amazing experience. I have visited Great Mercy twice, and will for sure be back again. The work was enjoyable and the children were a joy to teach. All of the staff were extremely welcoming. I feel that I have a lot of new friends. The accommodation was nice, and we were extremely well looked after. I couldn’t have asked for more.” –Ben Margetts, November 2010

“I loved every minute of the experience and I will never forget my time in Kenya. All the staff and teachers were so helpful and kind to us. I enjoyed the whole trip, and learned so many different things. I loved working with the children and seeing their big smiles every day. I loved the accommodations. Judith and her family were amazing and have done so much for us. I had the trip of a lifetime.” –Kirsty Dryden, November 2009

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